New Mexico Computer Science for All at a Glance

What is New Mexico Computer Science for All?
New Mexico Computer Science for All (NM-CSforAll) prepares middle and high school STEM teachers to be future CS teachers. It offers a novel, interdisciplinary approach that uses modeling and simulation as the basis for teaching CS Principles. Teachers first take the modeling and simulation version of CS Principles and then implement it as a dual credit course for their students. During a Spring semester-long course, the teachers investigate real-world problems, view them through the lens of complex systems—SFI’s primary research area—and then model and analyze them using agent-based modeling techniques. The project uses a “flipped” classroom methodology, meaning the lecture portion of the course will be offered as online videos, while the exercise and project work will take place in the lab, face-to-face. A Summer workshop focuses on reviewing the CS content of the course, learning pedagogy, and recruitment techniques in preparation for the Fall semester implementation in the schools. The Fall implementation of the dual credit CS Principles class for high school students uses the videos developed for the teacher professional development course as lecture material and weekly “lab” session meetings led by participating teachers acting as learning coaches. NM CSforAll’s secondary strategy fosters teachers’ CS content learning, CS teaching pedagogy, and computer programming practice through engagement in a professional online community.

Who can participate?
New Mexico Computer Science for All is looking for high school STEM teachers who are motivated and have an interest in learning and teaching Computer Science.

Where will the New Mexico Computer Science for All classes be held?
Both classes are offered through UNM. CS390/590 is an online course for teachers called "Learning and Teaching Computer Science for All". The CS151 course is a hybrid course with the lecture component being offered online and the laboratory portion of the course being offered at high schools around New Mexico. Teachers who participate in the NM CSforAll teacher professional development program will serve as learning coaches during the dual credit course for high school students.

Who are our partners?
New Mexico Computer Science for All is a collaboration between the Santa Fe Institute, University of New Mexico, Supercomputing Challenge, local NM School districts, and others.

Who funds New Mexico Computer Science for All?
New Mexico Computer Science for All is funded through an award from the National Science Foundation Computing Education for the 21st Century program. Additional funding for the long-tem sustainability of the project is being sought.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact:

Irene Lee
Principal Investigator, NM-CSforAll
Santa Fe Institute
1399 Hyde Park Road
Santa Fe, NM 87501

phone: 505-946-2742